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Social Media Management

A Comprehensive Approach

Make the most of your social media platforms by having them run by The Social Factor. We will work with you to design and implement a social media strategy. Having an expert find content, post and engage with your audience will mean you will have a dedicated resource at your fingertips focusing on growing your business.

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Understanding how to use social media 

When your a growing business you may not be able to hire someone to manage for social media. So why not learn how to manage this yourself? We provide both 1:1, group and online training. Group training sessions are limited to 6 participants.

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Power Hours

Expert Guidance

A "Power Hour" consultation is aimed to provide a 1 hour 1:1 session.  It normally focuses on a review of your social media platforms with tips and recommendations for to you to implement. A report is provided at the end of the hour so that you have something to refer back to once you start implementation.

The Power Hour can also be tailored to a specific topic such as "Content Strategy" or "Instagram Ads". It's your hour so you get to decide what you want the focus to be. The Social Factor wants to be able to help you on your social media journey

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Social Media Audit

Reviewing & Refining

If you have set up your social platforms but aren't seeing the results that you want, then a audit will highlight areas for improvement. A audit with The Social Factor will be a comprehensive review of all your platforms with practical recommendations for how you can improve their performance. It's a one off service so there is no financial commitment